Champion’s Corner

brand-new boxing/kickboxing gym located on Broad Street in Murfreesboro.

The equipment in this facility is high-end, professional boxing equipment. This beautiful 2000 square foot facility has state-of-the-art boxing equipment including a boxing ring.

We offer professional training and coaching from champions who have fought professionally.

Boxing and Kickboxing Training

The kickboxing and boxing training you will receive at Champion’s Corner will come from former fighters, Coach Bill Taylor and Coach Paul Caruthers. All members are welcome to practice at their own pace anytime we are open. Make sure and ask about our Level A, Level AA and Level AAA Training System. This system is based on workouts used to train fighters for actual competitive bouts. Coached classes are available 18x a month! Sparring is always optional and will always be done with safety in mind, and on days when coaches are present.

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Special Events

From time to time, special sparring events and training sessions will be held. These special events will sometimes include training sessions with guest instructors, including former professional boxers, kickboxers and MMA athletes. Members will be notified of these events well in advance. Special events will include “Fight and Feast” events. “Fight and Feast” events will be held throughout the year in order to give participants an incentive to train HARD! Champion’s Corner Gym members who choose to participate in this event will box with a partner for either 2 or 3 (2) minute rounds. (The number of rounds will depend upon the number of participants). Safety will be our number one priority, but we will be sparing tough! athlete After everyone has sparred, we will enjoy a healthy “Post Fight” meal! Participation in Special Events will always be optional.

*Please see our Schedule for any upcoming Special Events.

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Our Gym Benefits

Experienced trainers

Every time you participate in a “coached” boxing class, you will be coached by a ring veteran who has experienced the thrill and intensity of ring combat. Your coaches are not “certification coaches”, who are allowed to teach boxing, but have never boxed. Your coaches earned the right to coach and teach their craft in the ring!

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Individual approach

After enrollment, Coach Taylor or Coach Caruthers will take you through a workout to show you how to use all of the equipment. You will receive training on how to wrap your hands, speed bag work, using the timer, double end bag, and have all of your questions answered. As you get comfortable in the gym, come up with the workout system that works best for your needs.

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Effective workouts

Boxing and kickboxing workouts use every muscle in your body! Flexibility will increase, cardio vascular endurance will improve, and strength will increase. All of these improvements will happen at your pace. Modifications are always given for beginners, and everyone is welcome to take a break when needed. Sparing is always optional. “Muscle and Fitness Magazine” rate cardio kickboxing as the #1 calorie burning workout, at over 800 calories burned an hour!

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Reasonable Prices

Our all inclusive pricing is extremely affordable! Membership includes professional quality bag gloves, ball bearing leather jump rope, hand wraps and Champion’s Corner T shirt! Monthly fees are from $129-$149 a month.

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Your Membership Includes

When you sign up at Champion’s Corner, your membership includes

Boxing and Kickboxing Gloves

Boxing and Kickboxing Shirts

jump rope

hand wraps

our trainers

Our trainers

Founder, Owner, Boxing Coach
Boxing Coach
Cardio kickboxing Coach

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Nutrition is vital to our health. When we eat healthy, we are happier. We also perform at a higher level. By choosing the correct foods to eat, we not only improve our health can also boost our performance. By cleaning out the junk food and eating clean foods you can take your fitness to the next level.

Champions Corner will provide you with a “clean eating” shopping list. These food suggestions offer a guide to stock your pantry with healthy food options and go to snacks. These foods contain little or no artificial sweeteners, food coloring, or other additives. Great things will happen when you delete the junk from your nutrition plan. You will sleep better, have clearer skin, and increase your energy!

Also plan to drink about 2 liters or 8 8ounce glasses of water a day- minimum!! More if you can. Ditch the sodas, they are toxic. If you want a little flavor to your water add lemon, cucumber, or orange slices. Carry a water bottle with you wherever you go- No Excuses!!

We will host Fight and Feast nights where we will serve healthy meals to go along with our Fight nights. Menu cards will be handed out to accompany the meal so that you can try it out at home. After you see the results of a nutritional lifestyle change, you’ll never look back!


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